Cast of Characters

Names and faces from the Jill Marker case

Jill MarkerJill Marker
Pregnant and working full-time at the Silk Plant Forest in December 1995, she was severely beaten over the head and left for dead. In a coma for several months, she gave birth to her son while unconscious. Now blind and disabled, she lives in Ohio under constant medical care by her parents and nurses.

Kalvin SmithKalvin Michael Smith
At the time a petty criminal and part-time painter, Smith was first identified to police in June 1996 after an anonymous tip to CrimeStoppers. In jail since December 1997, Smith has always maintained his innocence. His case has been taken up by the Duke Law School Innocence Project.

Don WilliamsDon Williams
Robbery detective assigned to the case in 1995 who vowed to Marker and her parents that, "I may never get the guy but I'll work on it until I retire." He is now retired and believes that he arrested the right man. He remains friends with the Marker family.

Aaron MarkerAaron Marker
Husband of Jill Marker. Considered a suspect by Detective Williams. Aaron is now divorced from Jill and living in Canton, Ohio, 20 miles south of Marker's home.

William SpeaksWilliam Speaks
Smith's lawyer who decide not to present a defense believing the last word during closing argument would carry more weight with the jury. Some jurors have cited the lack of a defense as a reason they thought Smith guilty.

William Bartel - Ohio attorney who represented the Markers in their civil suit against Silas Creek Crossing shopping center.

Nancy Baxter - Woman who Faculty advisor for the Duke Law School Innocence Project, which looks into cases of wrongful conviction and has accepted Smith's case.

Shane Fletcher - Suspect in the case and patient with Kenneth Lamoureux at psychiatric unit at Forsyth Medical Center in December 1995. Fletcher confessed to the crime, but medical records showed he was actually asleep in bed at the institution at the time of the assault.

Michael Fuller - The driver of a Mustang seen leaving the shopping center the night of the crime. Says he was at Toys R' Us the night of the assault buying a bike.

Penny Hayes - Juror in the case who initially held out against convicting Smith.

Edna and Bud Hoisington - Jill Marker's mother and father. They both live outside of Akron, Ohio, with Jill.

Tom Keith - District attorney at the time of the case.

Ellen Lamoureux - Wife of Kenneth Lamoureux alleged that her husband beat her a month before Jill Marker's beating.

Kenneth Lamoureux - The first suspect in the case, Lamoureux was seen at the scene of the crime an hour before the attack by two women. Left town several months later. Now lives outside San Antonio, Texas.

Eugene Littlejohn - One of Smith's friends who gave several contradicting statements about what he saw and did with Smith the night of the assault.

Lonnie Maines - Police officer who accompanied Don Williams to Ohio to interview Marker.

Melanie Beth McCollum - Teacher at day care center who told police about Kenneth Lamoureux.

Peter McHugh - Judge during Smith's trial. Would not allow jurors to review video of Marker's testimony during deliberation.

Pamela Moore - Said she had heard Smith brag about the crime.

Ann Morgan - Former girlfriend of Smith.

Joseph Moss - Greensboro lawyer who represented the Silas Creek Crossing shopping center in the civil case filed by the Marker family.

Charlette Stafford - Mother of one of Smith's sons who told police that Smith never hit her unless she hit him first.

George Sweat - Police chief at the time of the Marker investigation.

Beverly Watson - Female employee at the Forsyth County Jail who began to date Kalvin Smith in late 1996.

Randy Weavil - Don Williams' supervisor during the Marker investigation.

Valerie Williams - Smith's girlfriend who called plice fingered him for the Marker assault after seeing him with another woman.

Andra Wilson - One of Smith's female friends in the mid 1990s, she admitted phoning in the CrimeStoppers tip that implicated Smith after he left her for another woman.

Darrell Wilson - Private detective hired by Smith's attorney who obtained contradictory statements from some of the prosecution witnesses.

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